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huom! Here we go:

- daraus nach Berlin…

“Politik är en fortsättning på kriget, med andra medel”

“Politiikka on sodan jatke, toisin keinoin”

Das war alles von mir, hier kommt etwas von Jennifer und Leonard:


Before all this mess, at the beginning there was a word…

It’s the early bird that catches the worm/ En människas talanger brukar visa sig redan tidigt/ Minkä nuorena oppii, sen vanhana taitaa…

…later on, still going strong! Almost famous, perkele.


 Arkkipelaa: Uffe, P., Seija, Mervi, Nina & Riitta

                                                        * * *

Meanwhile/ Däremellan/ Sillä välin…

Ibland har jag nått rätt så högt upp…/ Joskus olen päässyt aika korkeallekin…/ High life… ( på taket av “Il Duomo”, Milano/ tuomiokirkon katolla Milanossa/ on the roof of “Il Duomo”)

But mostly invisible, just like Freddie… :-)

Born in Finland, citizen of Finland – however:

 Sometimes I feel like…

 …another day:



- but mostly:


About three years ago someone told me to go west. And I did.


 Notice that there’s only one guy still laughing – “You’ve brought two horses too many…” (above)  :D

And, as you see - last man standing (and dancing)…



And finally the original version, the one and only:

And what about being a “winner”, after all – who’s the monkey, anyway…

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